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Foreign Investment


Foreign InvestmentThe Constitution of Costa Rica provides entrenched protection of fundamental human rights and freedom to nationals and foreigners alike. Since the Constitution of Costa Rica grants foreigners the same rights to conduct business, buy, own and sell property as it does to Costa Rican nationals, foreign investment is traditionally welcomed and encouraged.


Foreign investors may also participate or invest in Costa Rica using any of the legal entities recognized by Costa Rican law.


The Costa Rican legal system is based on Napoleonic law. Investing in Costa Rica requires the services of a reputable and diligent attorney to take care of the bureaucratic procedures and handle other legal matters that arise. Lawyers play a key role in real estate transactions, residency permits, forming a corporation
(a Sociedad Anonima or S.A) and escrow services.


Heritage Estates is affiliated with the best attorneys in the country to ensure maximum legal protection for our clients interests.


Download your own Costa Rica Legal Guide (PDF)


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