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Title Guarantee & Escrow


Property Title Guarantee


Property Title GuaranteeA real estate investment is probably the single largest investment made in a person's lifetime. Loss of that investment can be economically devastating, so much so that one may not recover financially. Title Guarantee provides the real estate purchaser with the financial protection to invest with confidence. Whether an investor or a home-buyer, limiting risk in the acquisition process should be of prime importance. This applies particularly in foreign countries where you may not be familiar with the laws and ways of doing business.


Heritage Estates works with Stewart Title Costa Rica who provide the familiarity and security of Title Guarantee. With more than 100 years of service of the real estate industry (yes, since 1896), Stewart Title has over 3,500 offices in the U.S. and worldwide. Stewart Title has registered 20 consecutive years of increase in its surplus reserves, unparalleled in the industry. Stewart Title is one of the largest title guaranty companies in the world and among the most highly rated.


Escrow Service


In the real estate transaction, escrow services play an important role. The escrow agent is the party responsible for safeguarding earnest monies, option contracts and/or other documents related to the pending transaction. The escrow agent is also responsible for the efficient, accurate disbursement of payment to the seller or borrower, legal fees, taxes and other payments required in the closing process. Heritage Estates works with Stewart Title to ensure that the management of this service provides a professional, efficient close.

  • Deposit and safeguarding of funds / documents
  • Check issuance / transfer of funds
  • Control and review of funds / documents prior to disbursement
  • Coordination of close

Closing Services


In Costa Rica, public notaries are attorneys. In order to close a real estate transaction a notary is required to draft the respective deed as well as execute all procedures necessary to record the deed at the Public Registry. Stewart Title not only executes this service but also provides clients with complete legal representation for the real estate transaction. The closing services offered ensure that the whole process is accomplished in the most efficient way.


Stewart Title


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